Gluten Free Creamy Australian Nougat :: Nougat Limar - Creamy Soft Nougat by Australian manufacturer Nougat Limar

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We proudly produce, manufacture, package and distribute one of the best assortment of nougat at our factory located at Lot 4, 6 Jusfrute Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250. Australian made.

NOUGAT LIMAR is a creamy soft nougat and has a mouth-feel and texture that is typically french-style. It is not too sweet and not too chewy, yet is a tendré sweet that melts in your mouth.

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NOUGAT LIMAR is now sold nationally and exported to over nine countries around the world.

Australian Nougat Limar
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NOUGAT LIMAR is manufactured at Lot 4, 6 Jusfrute Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250
Phone: +612 4322 3222 Fax: +612 4322 2244
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